Our Past

UBC Phatakraas 

Our dance team, previously known as UBC Phatakraas was the first Bollywood team from UBC that competed among US and Canadian teams nationally.  UBC Phatakraas was part of the UBC Garba and Raas Club, which was the first UBC club promoting Garba and Raas, dance forms originally from the Western Indian province of Gujarat. Throughout its two years of existence, the club had put in strong efforts to contribute to multiculturalism by promoting Garba and Raas among a broad spectrum of students and groups. We held dance lessons for the general public giving everyone the opportunity to learn Bollywood and Indian folk dancing and encouraging inter-cultural mingling. Our club also organized a variety of social dance events for attendees to experience the grandeur of a celebration or festival as it would occur in India and expose them to South Asian culture in a social atmosphere.


Having performed traditional Garba and Raas throughout the lower mainland, we decided to expand our dancing styles to include Bollywood this past year. We formed UBC’s first ever competitive Bollywood dance team and represented not only UBC but Vancouver and British Columbia at a North American wide competition last year.  Our team is super excited to continue competing at future intercollegiate dance competitions as UBC Junoon!

Social Events

Its not all about Dance!
UBC Junoon is not just about dancing. Throughout the year we put together several social events such as bollywood dance socials, game nights and karaoke events to bring the community together. We also aim to spread awareness of Indian culture to the society, encouraging inter-cultural harmony through discussions and workshops focused on exciting topics related to Bollywood and its connections to other ethnic traditions.